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Education at SUMC


The purposes of our education and discipleship programs are twofold: to be a place where all people can find a group that cares, and to be a place for people to grow as they learn how to be Christian disciples. We encourage all who are a part of our church to be in further study of their faith and of the Holy Bible. All persons in any stage of faith development can find a small group at Sydenstricker where they can comfortably explore what we believe and how our beliefs apply to our daily living.

Weekly Sunday School is foundational, occurring during the 9:45 AM worship. We have Sunday School classes for all ages from 3 years old to adults. Five different adult Sunday School classes give adults opportunities to focus on Christian parenting, on issues of contemporary Christian living, on scripture’s application to life, or on a recent Christian book.

The many other opportunities for study at Sydenstricker are in short-term and long-term study groups. . Sunday evenings and other weeknights we have adult study groups, in our homes or at the church. Some adult groups take a topic for an 8 to 9-month study; other groups meet for the short term on publicized topics, such as study of John Wesley, founder of Methodism, or Sunday evening sermon-expanding discussions. We offer special programs during Lent and Advent.

For the complete list of the 2008 schedule of adult studies, click on "Discipleship".