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Discipleship Training

At Sydenstricker Church we are committed to helping you grow spiritually. One way we do this is by helping you discover your spiritual gifts and find God's calling for your life.

Discipleship WorkshopYour immediate question might be "What are spiritual gifts?" They are God's empowerment of God's people for His work. Every Christian has at least one unique spiritual gift waiting to be discovered. God has purposefully designed the church so that people can find deep meaning and experience fresh joy when they use their gifts to minister to others.

Scripture teaches us that every Christian is called to use their unique gifts and is an essential part of the Body of Christ. We believe that you will want to use your uniqueness to joyfully be a part of the Sydenstricker Church family.

Our discipleship training encourages strong personal and corporate prayer practices with daily study of the Bible and of the spiritual life. See the complete descriptions of our varied, ongoing classes and small group studies by clicking on “Adult Studies” above on the left.


If you have any questions regarding our Discipleship programs, please contact Sandra Warren, Director of Discipleship, via e-mail: gifts@sumcdisciples.org.